Welcome to the Rhum Brave Chronicle. A collection of posts, pictures and videos from our adventures aboard the Rhum Brave.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Now We're Sailing

Mags and I completed our Basic Keelboat sailing lesson at the Coconut Grove Sailing Club.  I was unable to post a video here but we've got it posted on YouTube.  It's only one minute long but I'll remember this for a lifetime. 

Thank You Jimmy

Shopping for a Christmas gift for my wife and I was easy this year.  Two tickets to Jimmy Buffett at the American Airlines Arena.  What a sweet time.  We were three rows up from the corner of the stage and about 20 feet from Pat Riley.  We even ran into "Little Rob" from St. Thomas University.  The show was great and my date was hot! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Nat

My little one turned 5 recently (ok two months ago so shoot me for being late).  She made the duo a trio and the show has never stopped.  She's got Coppertone skin and ocean blue eyes.  She loves her hamster and hates soccer.  Heck she even has a hairdo named after her.  She's so special to all of us and we wish her a Happy Birthday.

The Blue Steel pose ripped off from Zoolander!