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Monday, June 27, 2011

Fishing Aboard the Rhum Brave

On Saturday my good friend Jose and I went fishing aboard the Rhum Brave.  A combination of light SE winds, 2 feet or less chop and cooperative wives made for comfortable conditions.  We set out early from Matheson Hammock http://www.miamidade.gov/parks/Parks/matheson_marina.asp and headed out through Stiltsville to Bug Light where we picked up some live bait from Capt. Jimmy Lewis www.lewissportfishing.com.  He's a multi-generational local fisherman (his father was Bob Lewis and the inventor of kite fishing) who seems to have the patience of Job whenever I try to bring my boat along side his when buying bait (usually is a washing machine like 2-3 foot chop).  He's happy to provide the latest fishing report.  I always say "It's $20 bucks for the report and the bait's free".
We headed offshore looking for the edge of the Gulfstream where it meets the local green water.   Imagine a wall of purple-blue water as it pushes right up against another green wall of water.   Sometimes it looks like water and oil.  Along this wall is where all the local fish meet up with the pelagic predatures of the open ocean searching for an easy meal.  We drifted along the wall with live bait both down deep and along the top water.  Every 1/2 hour we would pick up and move further down the wall.  We ended up as far north as the Blue and Green Diamonds (two condo towers midway up Miami Beach).  On the return we trolled rigged ballyhoo and artificials lures.  Overall we caught small mahi-mahi, several large remoras, 3 foot barracuda (all released) and a keeper bonita (aka skipjack tuna, katsuwonus pelamis).  Returning to Matheson we came across a fully grown hawksbill turtle (eretmochelys imbricata). He was casually floating along with his head down likely searching for something to eat.  These are still on the endangered list so it's a treat when you can still see one in the wild.  If you want to learn more about endangered sea turtles visit the Sea Turtle Conservancy http://www.conserveturtles.org/stctmp.php

Here's a photo of the bonita taken on his iphone.

Overall it was great to get out on the water again.  It had been a while since Jose and I had gone out fishing and I think he enjoyed the opportunity to run the boat for half the day.  He even made a good job of docking the boat considering some rough conditions encountered at the ramp.  His wife should be impressed and ready to approve the purchase of his own boat (hint, hint).  Jose is working on preparing the bonita for some type dinner on Monday night.  I'm not sure what he has in mind but he's a natural in the kitchen so I'm looking forward to whatever he prepares.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thanks to my wife's FB account

Earlier in the week I was working on several posts to my blog when my oldest daughter overheard me saying that I had yet to see any outside posted comments (or even any blog hits other than my own!)  A she walked past me she cooly said  "Give it up Dad." It was classic.  My wife overheard this father/daughter conversation and generously offered to let everyone on her FB account know about the blog.  Literally overnight I went from zero outside hits to over 150.  She's a natural rainmaker.  I think I'll start calling her my "Cuban Oprah".   Thanks Babe!   

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Ladies at the Helm

Well it was only a matter of time before the ladies of the Rhum Brave decided to see how much fun it was at the helm.  Needless to say they loved it and now I can kick back with a cold one.  Of course the next lesson will be docking at night in a 20 knot wind and a ripping cross current.  Better break out the extra fenders.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary To My Parents

Today is also my parents 50th wedding anniversary.  What an accomplishment in today's world.  I credit their love, stubbornness and dedication to God.  We recently celebrated their anniversary on a Caribbean cruise and I can't thank them enough for time we had together.  We had a great time and they got to spend quality time with the kids (and the Captain!).   What I truly appreciate about their dedication is the example they set for my daughters.  Here's to the next 50 years!

Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day.  I'm blessed to say that my Dad is happy, healthy and sane (ok mostly).  He's always been a great father and I'm fortunate to have had his love and support.  For almost 40 years he's looked after me and I look forward to many more years of his wisdom, love and sacrifice.  I love you Dad!

I love this picture because it reminds me of his classic expression "Now you see what I've been talking about son."  As if he's just seen the light bulb go off in my head. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Europe 2009

In 2009 we travelled to Europe first aboard the Costa Concordia and then ten days through Spain.  Here are a couple of my favorite photos.

This one my wife loves (she took it).  It's me in Pompeii heading off to my next adventure.  She says that with our stroller I'm not getting very far.  Oh well, I tried.

Local Tunisian.

View From Elliot Key

These photos were taken about 6 years ago while anchored up on the east side of Elliott Key, about a mile south of Sands Cut.  The first photo is looking south along the coast.  The structure off the point is called University Pier.  In the second photo you can see Turkey Point in the far background.  At this anchorage you feel like you are in the Bahamas.  The water is gin clear and the sand is a fine clean grit.  The shallow water makes for great swimming with the little ones.  Just remember to watch the tides.  Getting stuck is embarrassing and will turn your trip into an overnight (good excuse to stay if your prepared).  The history of Elliott Key is worth learning about and some of the earliest pioneer families settled this island long before Miami even existed.  Here's a good link.  http://digitalcollections.fiu.edu/tequesta/files/1996/96_1_02.pdf

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Girls Can Fly

Several years ago I was in Carmel, California visiting family.  We took a little trip down to Carmel Beach for a sunset walk.  I ended up with some great photos of my nieces.  Given the current angle it really looks like she's flying about 10 feet in the air (more like 3 feet actually).

Girls can fly in Carmel-By-The-Sea!

Pre sunset

Post sunset

Boca Chita Lighthouse

The wife took this picture mid day while I was exploring the top of the lighthouse with the kids.  I'm the dude at the top in the teal shorts.  Great view of Miami and the mainland.  Follow the link for more info about the island.

New to this game.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Islamorada Resident

I took this photo in Islamorada on the Bass Pro Shop dock.  He had the best seat in the house for watching the sunset.