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Saturday, June 18, 2011

View From Elliot Key

These photos were taken about 6 years ago while anchored up on the east side of Elliott Key, about a mile south of Sands Cut.  The first photo is looking south along the coast.  The structure off the point is called University Pier.  In the second photo you can see Turkey Point in the far background.  At this anchorage you feel like you are in the Bahamas.  The water is gin clear and the sand is a fine clean grit.  The shallow water makes for great swimming with the little ones.  Just remember to watch the tides.  Getting stuck is embarrassing and will turn your trip into an overnight (good excuse to stay if your prepared).  The history of Elliott Key is worth learning about and some of the earliest pioneer families settled this island long before Miami even existed.  Here's a good link.  http://digitalcollections.fiu.edu/tequesta/files/1996/96_1_02.pdf

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