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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Wife - Weekend in the Bahamas

Happy Birthday Sweetheart (Sunday)! This past weekend was spent aboard the Norwegian Sky in celebration of my wife's birthday.  Well actually there were lots of other families from our kids school and several close family friends that were also on the ship being that the trip was organized by one of the parents (thank you!)  We left Friday afternoon under grey skies but that did not dampen the mood as all the kids joined the poolside DJ for some impromptu dancing (boys included).  Later we had a welcome aboard cocktail party and family dinner.  The next day was spent on NCL's private island where the the big hit was the forty foot waterslide.  The girls are usually 24/7 in the water but the slide proved to irresistible.  I did a little exploring along the waterfront.  We've sailed before on the Sky (twice on the same 3-day cruise and once in Hawaii) and found that they've made some dramatic changes with the addition of a marina and building of several new shorelines.  All I can say is that some of the "improvements" would never pass muster in Florida.  Vic and I did manage to get some snorkeling in and we observed large yellowtail snapper, lobster, barracuda and grouper.  Vic said that she was glad she gave up hairbraiding on the beach in order to snorkel with her dad.  I melted.  The next day was spent in Nassau walking around the downtown and then venturing over to the Fish Fry.  I've spoken before about the conch shacks under the return bridge from Paradise Island and this place was similar in respect (but more upscale).  The Fish Fry consists of about a dozen restaurants serving authentic Bahamian seafood.  We dined at Bruno's where I was impressed with the yellow birds, cold Kalik Gold, conch fritters, fried fish platters and conch salad.  At the end of the meal we challenged the girls to eat fried fish eyeballs in exchange for a dollar.  They took me up on the challenge and I felt so guilty afterwards I gave them $20 each to spend in the Straw Market.  One of the older girls ate the eyeball in exchange for getting to stay out later (on the ship) with her friends.  Priorities!  A special thanks to everyone who broke out in spontaneous "Happy Birthday" renditions for my wife.  I've included some pictures.  Enjoy. 

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