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Monday, December 3, 2012

Kawama Pictures

Ok. It's about time you got to see some pictures of the new place.  We're really proud of how she looks but know it's time to put the gal out on the street and start earning.  We have her listed with Vacation Rental By Owner (www.VRBO.com #446303) and have already gotten a ton of calls.  And that's with the pictures that don't do her justice.  My listing is pretty simple because I have yet to even tell people how great the area is for snorkeling, diving, fishing, etc. 
We still have to buy one more coffee table and a couple lamps but that just gives Mags a excuse to head over to Ikea (mmmm... sticky buns!).  Having rented before we think we understand what people want and deserve when they come down to the Keys.  The place is huge and there's so much to do.  We have the golf cart and all the little sea toys.  The appliances are all new and so is the furniture.  We are 100% confident that the reviews on the unit will be great. 


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