Welcome to the Rhum Brave Chronicle. A collection of posts, pictures and videos from our adventures aboard the Rhum Brave.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nothing New

There's not been much going on aboard the Rhum Brave recently.  The boat has been tucked away at home ready to hit the water when we've accomplished some important upcoming tasks. Spring Break is coming and we plan to keep the boat in the water.  We're looking for some spring-time dolphin action and calm conditions for snorkeling and diving.  
Our laptop took a dirt nap this week.  It has all our pictures from last summer (which I've flaked out on posting) and our winter North Carolina trip.  We should have those recovered next week.  I've kept up with my reading.  My additions have a decided desert and Africa theme (Dark Star Safari, Skeletons on the Zahara) as we are looking to travel to the Middle East soon.  What I've personally never posted before were my earlier travels to Europe, Central America and Asia Minor.  As I've recently turned 42 the tug of travel has been pulling at me more and more.  Mags says "I need it for my soul".  She knows me better than anyone.  More to come on that one.