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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Slow Time

I've not posted recently because we're back to school, soccer, cheerleading and homework.  August and September are really tough times to be out on the boat or near the mangroves (mosquito hell).  We did manage to go down to Sands Cut last Sunday.  We met up with some school friends on their boat and had a nice bar-b-que with steaks from Martinez Distributing (check them out).  I also brought along recently purchased used single sit in kayak from a local garage sale.  I was planning to sell it at Mother Earth but we've had so much fun we'll be keeping it.  October is my favorite time in the year since it usually means the worst of hurricane season is behind us, the weather starts to turn cooler and the days are still long (until daylight savings).  Hopefully we'll make it out several  more times this month.  Cheers to my sister for visiting with us this week.  She and the girl's had a great time catching up.  Here's some recent pictures.  Enjoy.

                                      A bad reaction to shrimp.  Looks worse than it felt.

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