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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Van Halen

Ok. Bucket List item #78 has been officially checked off. We went to go see Valen Halen play with David Lee Roth. No BS, no drama just pure rock n roll. Understand that I never got a chance to see Diamond Dave play with the Van Halen. Because they broke up in 1985 when I was still in junior high (and yes I had several "VH" buttons.). Kool and the Gang opened the show and we were joined by several good friends. The band played all the early classics and several songs from their new album. At the early age of 57 Diamond Dave belted it out and managed to a few classic leaps. The best was when he reamed out the stage handlers for blasting cold air on the stage. I thought it was a gag at first. Eddie played Eruption like a madman and Alex cranked on the drums. Wolfgang was a bad ass on the bass. What a great time.

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