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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Florida Keys (Part 2)

Through Jewfish Creek we passed under the U.S. 1 Bridge and were greeted by the sounds and smells of the upper keys.  We cruised past the Anchorage resort on the left and Gilbert's on the right where Friday night happyhour was in full swing.  We were starving for some conch fritters, peel n eat shrimp and beer but the light was fading fast and we still had plenty of mangrove channels to navigate (which I've never been through).  From this point you'll start to see houseboats, sailboats, motoryachts and whatever can float and still be called a home.  Here's a picture of my favorite houseboat and another that won't likely get coverage for FEMA flood insurance.

We were now cruising across Blackwater Sound heading for Dusenbury Creek.  Navigating this creek for the first time required solid charts and a watchful eye for the bottom.  It can go from 7 feet to 2 feet before you know it.  Dusenbury breifly dumps you into Tarpon Basin and then it's on through Grouper Creek before heading out into Buttonwood Sound.  We headed through markers 55 through 57A and then it was a short distance to our new home.  The sun was fading fast as tied up to the slip.  The rest of the girls would be another hour before arriving so the gear was unloaded and daddy finally had his first beer in the Keys. 

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