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Friday, July 22, 2011


Again I have to credit my wife for getting anyone to actually view The Rhum Brave Chronicle.  The Chronicle is up to 466 hits but to be honest about 75 of those are me checking on the site regularly.   Interestingly we've gotten hits from Mexico (hola mi familia!), Belize (I need to get there), Spain (Ole'), Germany (Bier!), India (Namaste) and Puerto Rico  (more rum por favor).  To date the most popular post has been "Snorkeling Along the Reef" with 57 views.  Writing that piece was almost as much fun as experiencing it.  I'm looking forward to many more posts and seeing how this spreads around the world.  For fun I'm having the girls research each new country that links to the Chronicle.  Call it revenge for telling me to "Give it up Dad."  Ha! 

On a side bar, my boss retired last week.  We had a nice going away party for him.  He's moving to New Mexico and I'm going to miss working for him.  He's got some big plans for retirement so I wish him well.  Take care Pat!

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