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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thank God the Tiki Bar is Open

Of all the things we done down here one of our favorites has been just plain old enjoying the sunsets from the balcony.  Our place is on the third floor and faces due west.  The sunsets have been A class especially with a nice selection of refreshing libations (cocktails, heaters, coolers, etc.).  Lately we've been on this St. Germaine liquor (http://www.stgermain.fr/index2.php) kick.  We'll mix it with champagne, vodka, sprite, lemonade, etc.  Of course my standby favorite is a simple rum n coke or light rum on the rocks with a good squeeze of fresh lime.  After sunset cocktails its dinner on the balcony with an occasional electric storm show to the northwest.  Thank God the Tiki Bar is Open!

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