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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Other Joy of Boating

The boat dealers never talk about this when you're at the boat show or going for a demo ride but basically 50% of the time you actually spend enjoying the boat will be matched with cleaning or tinkering about.  Trust me on the math.  This especially applies to saltwater boaters (my brother boats in Lake Tahoe and brags about never having to really wash the boat) where salt is great for a margarita rim but horrible on boats and trailers.  My general comment to people who are "thinking" about buying a boat is that "You have to love washing and fixing your boat and then occassionally you get to go out and enjoy it for the day."  This does not include the time spent preparing to spend the day on the water nor the time spent cleaning up the kids afterwards (kudos to the wife for handling that aspect). On this trip we've had to keep the topside clean (Cheetos and strawberries are hell on the gelcoat) and scrub the bottom every couple of days.  It's amazing how fast the algea and other critters attack the hull.  Fortunately I've been raising a couple of very cute boat cleaners.  Soon enough I'll be able to sit back and enjoy a cool margarita while the Rhum Brave gets detailed.  Hold the salt please.

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